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Helping teens help teens!


Council on Adolescent Mental Health

High school is a difficult time for teenagers. Balancing student life in a more demanding environment while being introduced to new social situations can prove challenging. Lacking an individualized support system can add yet another layer of complication to a teenagers life. Council on Adolescent Mental Health is introducing peer-based support systems in our local schools to help our struggling youth while bettering communication skills! 

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Peer Counseling

Peer Counseling

Peer counseling is the  process of pairing a struggling individual with a trained individual to listen and provide support. The program is supervised by the CAMH program team and is implemented  on school sites as well as virtually. All training delivered to our counselors is led by CAMH certified trainers and supervised by our program director.


Partner with us?

If you believe that your local organization, company or institution partnering with CAMH could help expand our mission in helping youth, we encourage you to contact our administration team below! We believe that effective and strong partnerships with local groups can not only build better community-wide relationships but also strengthen the resources that are currently available. 

Our Partners

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