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Vice Chairperson

Grover Beach, CA, USA

Job Type

Elected Volunteer Position

About the Role

Assists and supports the chairman by stepping in for the chairman when necessary, providing leadership and guidance to designated committees; maintaining visibility in the community; and supporting CAMHs mission.



  • The applicant must be 18 years of age or older

  • The applicant must be willing to undergo a background check or live scan form

  • The applicant must hold a high school diploma or equivalent or hold a tenure record of experience in the applicable domain for the position for which the applicant is applying for

  • The applicant holds a valid driver's license



  1. Is knowledgeable about the social concerns of the community.

  2. Has the resources (personal and/or corporate) to apply to the needs of the Council on Adolescent Mental Health.

Key Role

  • Trusteeship: Responsible for protecting the mission.

  • Planning: In partnership with the executive director, participate in setting direction for the future.

  • Policy and Evaluation: Policies that govern the organization’s daily operations, from programs to human resources.

  • Resource Development: Exercise fiduciary oversight and assist in raising and contributing money for

the organization.


  1. Ensure and safeguard the organization’s mission and purpose.

  2. Ensuring legal and ethical integrity and maintaining accountability.

  3. Enhancing the organization’s public standing.

  4. Ensuring that high quality professional leadership is employed.

  5. Ensuring a diverse and high-performance board composition and ongoing development.

  6. Ensuring that a strategic plan is developed and followed.

  7. Review and approve operating policies and procedures.

  8. Review organization’s programs and service strategy for continuous improvement.

  9. Evaluation of the Board and Board member effectiveness.

  10. Ensuring adequate resources.

  11. Work with the executive director in managing resources effectively.


  1. Complete the orientation session for new Board Members.

  2. Serve as an active member of at least one standing committee

  3. Serve as advocate and spokesperson for Council on Adolescent Mental Health in your formal and informal networks.

  4. Assist in financial development for the organization by making a personal financial contribution and by participating in the organization’s fundraising projects.

  5. Attend and participate in 75% of board meetings either in-person or via telecommunications means.

  6. Participate in the development of and approve the organization’s strategic plan Participate in Board leadership and development activities conducted or sponsored by local organizations and other community resources.

  7. Perform all other duties that may be necessary to carry out the purpose of the organization.

For any questions you may have, please contact Executive Director Hugo Balcazar at or call our office at 805-668-4399.

About the Company

Council on Adolescent Mental Health, Inc. (CAMH) is a California Public Benefit Corporation that helps to serve the mental health needs of youth located in San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County. CAMH is currently working with local schools to institute peer counseling programs for the benefit of students in grades 9-12.

Mission: Give adolescents on the central coast the opportunity to build their confidence, relational skills and activate their potential to grow emotionally as one united group through peer-support.

Vision: Provide mental health services that uphold high standards in healthcare as well as to educate the local youth population on behavioral health topics to better help themselves and each other.

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